Welcome to Sensitive Economist!

Hi, everyone. Welcome to my first foray into the blogosphere. My name is Alissa, and by day I am an economist. I really enjoy analyzing data and figuring out the implications of various trends. However, every day I manage a number of food sensitivities. For the past three months I have learned much about digestion, nutrients from food, and food substitutes, and am excited to share my findings with you. I also look forward to discussing the ways that you too are incorporating new foods or avoiding old ones from your daily life. We can even talk about the economy too! So I hope you join me on this journey of living with food sensitivities. Come find your sensitive side!


4 responses to “Welcome to Sensitive Economist!

  1. This blog is great since food sensitivity is such an important and evolving topic in today’s health trends. I look forward to learning more!

  2. Sweet tooth policy wonk

    I’m someone who has to finish a meal with something sweet so I can’t imagine life without sugar. But I’m also intrigued by your ability to bake without sugar. I’m looking forward to trying some of your sugarless recipes! Or maybe sugaring down some of mine….

  3. This site is fabulous! And, so useful. I love the recipes. Now, could you research a less expensive east coast state for seniors to live in, please?

  4. Thanks for the encouraging comments, everyone! And please keep them coming! I look forward to continuing the conversation about food and economics. Now, about low cost states – there are web sites that provide information about which states have low or no income, sales and corporate taxes (Tax Foundation is one), although you also have to weigh quality of life aspects, particularly those involving the locations of good food and family.

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