So what are food sensitivities? Below is my own personal summary definition (I’m not a doctor, but an economist).

With food sensitivities, a person’s body has trouble dealing with whatever is being swallowed.  An effect can happen shortly after eating or over the course of a few days.  Some of the effects are subtle while others are more noticeable.  For me, symptoms were primarily digestive, although others can involve mood swings, changes in energy levels, head congestion, aching muscles or joints, skin rashes…and the list goes on and on!

Food sensitivities differ from food allergies because an allergic response is typically more severe and can be life-threatening.

A blood test can help you figure out if you have food sensitivities if you are having trouble figuring them out on your own.  If you have some, then avoid those foods for three months.  After that time period, your body will have healed from the irritants.  Try the foods again, one at a time, to see if your body is still sensitive.

Food sensitivities come and go over our lifetimes; some stay for just a short time while others last quite awhile. Just listen to your body and be aware of what it is trying to tell  you.  This is hard to do but it will become easier with time.


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