Triple Nut Mix Cubed

A colleague of mine, and regular reader of this blog, shared a favorite recipe with me, of which I am now sharing with all of you. It’s called “Triple Nut Mix Cubed,” which is a great name for anyone who enjoys snacks and math! Here is the recipe that involves three types of nuts, three dried fruits and three cereals. I have modified it a bit so that it is “sensitive.”

Three types of nuts: such as peanuts, walnuts, and sliced almonds

Three dried fruits: including cherries (apple juice infused), raisins (unsweetened), and dates

Three cereals: such as brown rice cereal (Erewhon makes a good cane sugar free brand), millet rice that is fruit juice sweetened (Nature’s Path is a good brand), and granola (Udi’s Vanilla is my favorite and honey is the ingredient that makes it sweet)

Once you mix it up, enjoy plain or add milk for a great breakfast, or add yogurt for a healthy snack. This mix would also be a tasty salad topping!

The tricky task is to find cereal without cane sugar, so look for brands that are infused with fruit juice, have no sugar, or are sweetened with honey. The sweetness in this trail mix will come from the dried fruits and dates.

Thanks, BV, for sharing this great idea! If anyone else has a good trail mix idea, please reply to this post!


5 responses to “Triple Nut Mix Cubed

  1. I’ve been looking “everywhere” for Holly’s Oatmeal. Where do you get it?

    • Thanks again!  let your readers know also sells my Oatmeal and they have great prices!   As a small company its very hard to get into the larger stores…we need people like you to help get the word out.  Then you all need to get on your local stores to carry the products.  There are a lot of small companies like mine who make great healthy products but it is very hard to get past the big guys!  Thanks again Holly

      • Thanks, Kathie, for your question. And welcome, Holly, to this blog! I buy my Holly’s Oatmeal at Whole Foods, although knowing I can purchase through Amazon is a good option. I am also going to ask my local natural foods store if they will carry it, along with my local grocery store. These are great ideas!

  2. sensitivehusband

    That sounds like a great trail mix. Nice work sensitiveeconomist and BV. My old standby is very simple: peanuts (16 oz), raisins (7-8 oz), and dates (7-8 oz). This combination of flavors can be enjoyed on a daily basis, and it never gets old for me. The occasional addition of some SunSpire grain-sweetened chocolate chips can jazz it up a little, too. I’m looking forward to trying the “triple threat”!

  3. My 2 1/2 year old’s fave – pretzels, sliced almonds, chocolate, vanilla or PB chips. I get the salt-free pretzels b/c she doesn’t need the sodium. I think adding some cereal to the mix sounds like a good idea.

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